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The Lighthouse Tour - (Route 4)

Plenty to see and do on this spectacular coastal circuit.

Distance (approx): 23 Miles
Average Time: 4-6 hours with a few stops




Check Lighthouse opening times but views are superb and worth the trip even when closed

1. From Salcombe, cross estuary at Ferry Steps, turn left and ride uphill through East Portlemouth on to East Prawle.

2. At East Prawle, head North to Chivelstone and then right to South Allington. Carry on through village to Start Point. Follow the private road down to the Lighthouse (check website for opening hours).

3. Ride back up the private road and on passed where you joined previously. Carry on for another ½ mile and turn right to North Hallsands. Follow coastpath on foot to view historic lost village. Ride back bearing right and right again to reach Beesands.

4. From Beesands, ride through Beeson and at larger junction (STOP sign) turn right to Widdicombe. Carry on and then right (signposted Widewell) to drop in to Torcross. Optional extra 4.5 mile ride here along the Slapton Line to Strete Gate and back.

5. Return back to Stokenham on main road (A379). At roundabout turn left towards South Pool and follow road through Kernborough and Ford. At Cousins Junction head to South Pool.

6. From South Pool follow the tidal road to East Portlemouth and take ferry back to Salcombe.

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