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£2000 - £2999

Bergamont E-Horizon N5E FH500 Gent
Excellent quality trekking e-bike from German producer, Bergamont . This...
Bergamont E-Horizon Sport Wave Red
This superb step-thru e-bike from quality German producer, Bergamont really...
Bergamont E-Revox 4 EQ
Versatile all-terrain e-bike boasting all the quality components and practicality...
Corratec Life S AP4 Blue Black
Corratec Life S AP5
Fun and funky, the Corratec Life offers much more than...
Eovolt Afternoon 20” Suspension Folding Electric Bike
Premium folding bike from new French producer Eovolt. You can...
Eovolt Evening
Premium semi-folding bike from new French producer Eovolt. This model...
Excelsior Vintage
Wonderful retro styling on this model from quality German life-style...
Gepida 1000 Cityline
A high specification, general purpose e-bike with top quality components....
gepida-alboin-alivio 9 e bike
Gepida Alboin Alivio 9
Great all-rounder for shopping, trekking or just getting out and...
gepida alboin curve alfine 8 ebike
Gepida Alboin Curve Alfine 8
This top quality trekking bike comes with a powerful Performance...
Gepida Alboin Curve Deore 10 (Trapeze)
Ideal for touring, commuting or simple leisure riding the Alboin...
gepida berig deore 10 e bike
Gepida Berig Deore 10
This top quality e-mountain bike comes complete with full mudguards,...
Gepida Berig Low Step Deore 10
Finally, the wait for a step-thru, quality e-mountain bike is...
Gepida Bonum Curve
Traditional step-thru unisex bike with ‘Dutch-style’ handlebars and a very...
Gepida Bonum Edge
This superb, compact e-bike has a host of quality components...
Gepida Sirmium Pro Deore 9
Large, powerful hardtail e-mountain bike based on the Berig Deore...
Haibike All Track 4
Excellent value for money, hardtail electric mountain bike for all...
Haibike Trekking 3
Very versatile, solid trekking bike for everyday use but capable...
Haibike Trekking 4
Very versatile, solid trekking bike for everyday use but capable...
Kayza Sapric 4
Look no further if you want a very powerful e-mtb...
Kayza Talik Dry 2
Great all-rounder from Kayza providing comfort and practicality whether on...
The Knapp e-bike really is your all-in-one e-bike for every...
Raleigh Centros Low Step
Raleigh need no introduction as a legendary bike brand and...
Raleigh Motus Tour
Superb introduction to e-biking. This model comes in an extra...
Green Rayvolt beachin ebike
Rayvolt Beachin’
The Beachin’ is Rayvolt’s adventure bike. A large and muscle...
Black Rayvolt Clubman ebike
Rayvolt Clubman
A compact and stable bike that combines sport and refined...
Scott Axis e-ride 20 Lady
Really attractive, premium hybrid bike from Scott with a powerful...
Scott SUB Active e-RIDE 20 USX Rack Bike
The Sub Active eRIDE provides outstanding comfort. Thanks to the...
Scott Sub Sport 20 USX
Top of the range unisex hybrid e-bike from Scott with...
Scott Sub Tour e-ride 20
The SCOTT SUB Tour eRIDE 20 makes getting around the...
Victoria e-Trekking 7.4
High quality, smaller step-thru e-bike with some really nice features....
Victoria e-Trekking 7.8
Smooth, classy trekking bike from quality German brand, Victoria. This...

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