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£2000 - £2999

Bergamont E-Revox 4 EQ
Versatile all-terrain e-bike boasting all the quality components and practicality...
Corratec Life S AP4 Blue Black
Corratec Life S AP5
Fun and funky, the Corratec Life offers much more than...
Eovolt Afternoon
Premium folding bike from new French producer Eovolt. You can...
Eovolt Evening
Premium semi-folding bike from new French producer Eovolt. This model...
Excelsior Vintage
Wonderful retro styling on this model from quality German life-style...
Gepida 1000 Cityline
A high specification, general purpose e-bike with top quality components....
gepida-alboin-alivio 9 e bike
Gepida Alboin Alivio 9
Great all-rounder for shopping, trekking or just getting out and...
gepida alboin curve alfine 8 ebike
Gepida Alboin Curve Alfine 8
This top quality trekking bike comes with a powerful Performance...
Gepida Alboin Curve Deore 10 (Trapeze)
Ideal for touring, commuting or simple leisure riding the Alboin...
gepida berig deore 10 e bike
Gepida Berig Deore 10
This top quality e-mountain bike comes complete with full mudguards,...
Gepida Berig Low Step Deore 10
Finally, the wait for a step-thru, quality e-mountain bike is...
Gepida Bonum Curve
Traditional step-thru unisex bike with ‘Dutch-style’ handlebars and a very...
Gepida Bonum Edge
This superb, compact e-bike has a host of quality components...
Gepida Sirmium Pro Deore 9
Large, powerful hardtail e-mountain bike based on the Berig Deore...
Kayza Sapric 4
Look no further if you want a very powerful e-mtb...
Kayza Talik Dry 2
Great all-rounder from Kayza providing comfort and practicality whether on...
The Knapp e-bike really is your all-in-one e-bike for every...
Green Rayvolt beachin ebike
Rayvolt Beachin’
The Beachin’ is Rayvolt’s adventure bike. A large and muscle...
Black Rayvolt Clubman ebike
Rayvolt Clubman
A compact and stable bike that combines sport and refined...
Scott Axis e-ride 20 Lady
Really attractive, premium hybrid bike from Scott with a powerful...
Scott SUB Active e-RIDE 20 USX Rack Bike
The Sub Active eRIDE provides outstanding comfort. Thanks to the...
Scott Sub Tour e-ride 20
The SCOTT SUB Tour eRIDE 20 makes getting around the...
Victoria e-Trekking 7.4
High quality, smaller step-thru e-bike with some really nice features....
Victoria e-Trekking 7.8
Smooth, classy trekking bike from quality German brand, Victoria. This...

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