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We think electric bikes are the future of cycling and they have certainly come a long way in the last few years.

Today’s e-bike is lighter, faster, has more power and more range enabling you to enjoy all the benefits of cycling with the addition of reducing the strain on your body and getting a little boost to tackle those previously daunting hills all around us …

There are now limitless styles and models on the market enabling everyone to find a bike that is right for them. We have tried to create a balanced range that offers something for everyone and with our ‘try before you buy’ offer you can hire an e-bike to use for a day and we’ll refund the hire price from any bike you subsequently buy. Call in to take a look around and discuss your requirements in more detail.

If you require finance we can arrange this and we are also members of both Cyclescheme and the Green Commute Initiative which help spread the cost of an e-bike together with your employer.

We also have a fully-stocked service centre on-site so you know that we are on hand to supply any regular or ad-hoc servicing or repairs to keep you on the road year after year.

We have a great selection of e-bikes from some of the leading brands.

Click on the links to see the range of bikes from Corratec, Conway, Furo Systems, Gepida, E-GO, Scott, KNAAP, Bergamont and the stunning range from Rayvolt.

Bergamont e-Cargoville LT Edition
Bergamont e-Cargoville LT Edition
Incredibly reliable and solid all-rounder with a high degree of...
Bergamont E-Horizon N5E FH500 Gent
Excellent quality trekking e-bike from German producer, Bergamont . This...
Bergamont E-Horizon Sport Wave Red
This superb step-thru e-bike from quality German producer, Bergamont really...
Bergamont E-Revox 4 EQ
Versatile all-terrain e-bike boasting all the quality components and practicality...
Conway Cairon T 300
Conway Cairon T 300
Superb Trekking bike with top of the range Bosch motor...
Corratec e-All Road
Corratec e-All Road
Just as happy on the forest trails and bridleways as...
Corratec e-Power C29 CX6 12sp
Real quality all round on this very high-end model. Large...
Corratec e-power Urban 26
Highly-quality super little e-bike from Corratec. The 40cm frame and...
Corratec Life S AP4 Blue Black
Corratec Life S AP5
Fun and funky, the Corratec Life offers much more than...
Corratec MTC 120 Elite
The 120 Elite is the brand new 2022 Mountain Cross...
Corratec MTC Elite 12 sp
The MTC Elite is the brand new 2022 Mountain Cross...
Corratec Trekking P6 8s
Fantastic step-thru, trekking e-bike from Corratec. Comfort and ease of...
Corratec X-Vert Pro Team
High performance, hard tail electric Mountain Bike. Good level of...
Dawes Arc II
Really attractive folder from Dawes Cycles. The battery is hidden...
Dawes Curve
Fantastic, affordable folding e-bike from legendary brand, Dawes. With a...
E-GO Lite +
Weighing in at just under 18kg this is a light,...
E-GO Max
The Max is very similar to the Lite+ but boasts...
E-GO Max +
This is the tough, mean big brother to the Lite...
Econic one Comfort
Very versatile hybrid step-thru e-bike offering great performance on the...
Econic one Urban
Very versatile hybrid e-bike offering great performance on the road...
Eovolt Afternoon 20” Suspension Folding Electric Bike
Premium folding bike from new French producer Eovolt. You can...
Eovolt Evening
Premium semi-folding bike from new French producer Eovolt. This model...
Excelsior Vintage
Wonderful retro styling on this model from quality German life-style...
Falcon Flo
Fun, funky, colourful, the Falcon Flo is a hoot but...
Furo Systems X Folding electric ebike
Furo X
Furo Systems have created an extremely light, practical and beautiful...
Gepida 1000 Cityline
A high specification, general purpose e-bike with top quality components....
gepida-alboin-alivio 9 e bike
Gepida Alboin Alivio 9
Great all-rounder for shopping, trekking or just getting out and...
gepida alboin curve alfine 8 ebike
Gepida Alboin Curve Alfine 8
This top quality trekking bike comes with a powerful Performance...
Gepida Alboin Curve Deore 10 (Trapeze)
Ideal for touring, commuting or simple leisure riding the Alboin...
gepida berig deore 10 e bike
Gepida Berig Deore 10
This top quality e-mountain bike comes complete with full mudguards,...
Gepida Berig Low Step Deore 10
Finally, the wait for a step-thru, quality e-mountain bike is...
Gepida Bonum Curve
Traditional step-thru unisex bike with ‘Dutch-style’ handlebars and a very...
Gepida Bonum Edge
This superb, compact e-bike has a host of quality components...
Gepida Ruga Pro Deore 10
Top quality, excellent value, hard-tail e-mountain bike using the Bosch...
Gepida Sirmium Pro Deore 9
Large, powerful hardtail e-mountain bike based on the Berig Deore...
gepida thoris
Gepida Thoris XT 10 Tandem
If it’s a bicycle made for two you won’t go...
Haibike All Mountain 2
Tricky root passages, flow trails or radical climbs: With the...
Haibike All Track 4
Excellent value for money, hardtail electric mountain bike for all...
Haibike All Trail 4
Maximum fun on more demanding riding terrain from this superb,...
Haibike Trekking 3
Very versatile, solid trekking bike for everyday use but capable...
Haibike Trekking 4
Very versatile, solid trekking bike for everyday use but capable...
Haibike Trekking 5
Very versatile, solid trekking bike with a huge Yamaha 720wh...
InMotion L9 Scooter
This fantastic e-scooter is great fun to ride, very comfortable...
Kayza Hydric 6
Excellent hardtail mountain bike from this quality, German producer. This...
Kayza Sapric 4
Look no further if you want a very powerful e-mtb...
Kayza Talik Dry 2
Great all-rounder from Kayza providing comfort and practicality whether on...
The Knapp e-bike really is your all-in-one e-bike for every...
Li-Fe 250 Air Pro Scooter
Powerful, smooth and comfortable the Li-fe 250 Air Pro is...
Li-Fe 350 HC Scooter
No more punctures with these clever Honeycomb tyres. Combine this...
Raleigh Centros Low Step
Raleigh need no introduction as a legendary bike brand and...
Raleigh Motus Tour
Superb introduction to e-biking. This model comes in an extra...
Raleigh Stow-e-way
Designed to be packed away at a moment’s notice, the...
Rayvolt Ambassador
Classic, yet far from conventional. The Ambassador is the most...
Green Rayvolt beachin ebike
Rayvolt Beachin’
The Beachin’ is Rayvolt’s adventure bike. A large and muscle...
Black Rayvolt Clubman ebike
Rayvolt Clubman
A compact and stable bike that combines sport and refined...
Rayvolt Cruzer Orange V4
Rayvolt Cruzer V4
The original Rayvolt model, The Cruzer, was influenced by the...
Rayvolt Ringo
Rayvolt Ringo
Ringo is a stylish, rugged looking compact bike made for...
Rayvolt Torino White
Rayvolt Torino
The Torino is a variation of the flagship model, The...
Scott Axis e-ride 20 Lady
Really attractive, premium hybrid bike from Scott with a powerful...
Scott e-ride Sub Cross 10
Want a rugged bike that can cope with any terrain?...

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