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Based in Barcelona, it’s little wonder that their exquisite e-bikes are full of style and cutting-edge design. Rayvolt develop and manufacture premium e-bikes of the highest quality, combining a vintage look with the latest technology to produce a range of stunning e-bikes like no other.

The Rayvolt philosophy is to promote alternative transportation by offering our customers a clean, high-tech and stylish way to commute.

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Rayvolt Ambassador
Original price was: £3,960.00.Current price is: £2,499.00.
Classic, yet far from conventional. The Ambassador is the most...
Green Rayvolt beachin ebike
Rayvolt Beachin’
The Beachin’ is Rayvolt’s adventure bike. A large and muscle...
Black Rayvolt Clubman ebike
Rayvolt Clubman
Original price was: £2,950.00.Current price is: £1,750.00.
A compact and stable bike that combines sport and refined...
Rayvolt Cruzer Orange V4
Rayvolt Cruzer V4
Original price was: £3,960.00.Current price is: £2,499.00.
The original Rayvolt model, The Cruzer, was influenced by the...
Rayvolt Ringo
Rayvolt Ringo
Original price was: £3,250.00.Current price is: £1,999.00.
Ringo is a stylish, rugged looking compact bike made for...
Rayvolt Torino White
Rayvolt Torino
Original price was: £3,360.00.Current price is: £1,999.00.
The Torino is a variation of the flagship model, The...

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