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e-Xplore Service

We are delighted to offer comprehensive e-bike servicing and repairs regardless of the type of e-bike you own. Our fully-equipped service centre at Churchstow can handle a wide range of repairs to e-bikes and our bike mechanics are industry-trained.

Should you purchase any accessories from our shop we will fit the majority of these free of charge. Any new e-bikes purchased from us qualify for a free 6 week ‘run-in’ service.

When should I have my bike serviced?

There are no specific guidelines on exactly when to service a bike. Much depends on the mileage covered and the level of exposure to the elements. For peace of mind and good practice we would recommend at least an annual service to prolong the life of the bike and ensure you are getting optimal performance from your machine.

Service Packages

Basic Service

£ 36
  • Full safety check undertaken on all areas
  • Moving parts inspected for wear and tear
  • Gears and brakes adjusted
  • Chain and other moving parts lubricated
  • General clean

Standard Service

Everything in the Basic Service plus the following
£ 60
  • Wheel inspection to cover hubs, bearings, alignment and spoke tension
  • Headset inspected for movement and adjusted where required
  • Bottom Bracket and Drive Train checked, cleaned and re-lubricated

Premium Service

Everything in the Standard Service plus the following;
£ 110
  • Much deeper inspection involving the stripping down of all components to frame and forks and full re-build
  • All moving parts cleaned, checked, lubricated and re-greased (if necessary)
  • Includes Frame and forks, Headset, Bottom Bracket and Wheels

Standard e-bike Servicing

Wheels & Brakes

  • Inner tube replacement and fitting from £11
  • Gear adjustments from £10
  • Disc-brake Bleeding (each) £20

Any other repairs are charged at £10 per 15 minutes (£10 minimum). In all cases, any repairs or servicing excludes the cost of replacement parts.

Specific Bosch e-Bike Servicing

All the service packages outlined above including the following;

  • Battery re-charge Free (providing you supply charger)
  • Bosch Battery Capacity Test £20 Keep track of performance and lifespan
  • Bosch Software Update £20 Recommended for optimal performance

Please note we are unable to provide software updates and electrical work to systems that do not meet with current EU regulations. Service work is not available under any finance offers.

Call us, drop-in or e-mail us to book your service and discuss any specific needs.