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Perfect for commuters, travellers and those with limited storage space. These bikes fold at the frame and handle bars so you get all the benefits of a regular e-bike with additional versatility.

Dawes Arc II
Really attractive folder from Dawes Cycles. The battery is hidden...
Dawes Curve
Fantastic, affordable folding e-bike from legendary brand, Dawes. With a...
E-GO Lite +
Weighing in at just under 18kg this is a light,...
E-GO Max
The Max is very similar to the Lite+ but boasts...
E-GO Max +
This is the tough, mean big brother to the Lite...
Eovolt Afternoon 20” Suspension Folding Electric Bike
Premium folding bike from new French producer Eovolt. You can...
Eovolt Evening
Premium semi-folding bike from new French producer Eovolt. This model...
Falcon Flo
Fun, funky, colourful, the Falcon Flo is a hoot but...
Furo Systems X Folding electric ebike
Furo X
Furo Systems have created an extremely light, practical and beautiful...

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