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Perfect for commuters, travellers and those with limited storage space. These bikes fold at the frame and handle bars so you get all the benefits of a regular e-bike with additional versatility.

Dawes Arc II
Really attractive folder from Dawes Cycles. The battery is hidden...
Dawes Curve
Fantastic, affordable folding e-bike from legendary brand, Dawes. With a...
E-GO Lite +
Weighing in at just under 18kg this is a light,...
E-GO Max
The Max is very similar to the Lite+ but boasts...
E-GO Max +
This is the tough, mean big brother to the Lite...
Eovolt Afternoon
Premium folding bike from new French producer Eovolt. You can...
Eovolt Evening
Premium semi-folding bike from new French producer Eovolt. This model...
Falcon Flo
Fun, funky, colourful, the Falcon Flo is a hoot but...
Furo Fuze
The Fuze e-scooter offers a world class riding experience. It...

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