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E-bikes that are primarily suited to road use but with a focus on flair, design and styling. Definitely bikes to get you noticed!

Corratec Life S AP4 Blue Black
Corratec Life S AP5
Fun and funky, the Corratec Life offers much more than...
Furo Systems X Folding electric ebike
Furo X
Furo Systems have created an extremely light, practical and beautiful...
InMotion L9 Scooter
This fantastic e-scooter is great fun to ride, very comfortable...
Li-Fe 250 Air Pro Scooter
Powerful, smooth and comfortable the Li-fe 250 Air Pro is...
Li-Fe 350 HC Scooter
No more punctures with these clever Honeycomb tyres. Combine this...
Rayvolt Ambassador
Classic, yet far from conventional. The Ambassador is the most...
Green Rayvolt beachin ebike
Rayvolt Beachin’
The Beachin’ is Rayvolt’s adventure bike. A large and muscle...
Black Rayvolt Clubman ebike
Rayvolt Clubman
A compact and stable bike that combines sport and refined...
Rayvolt Cruzer Orange V4
Rayvolt Cruzer V4
The original Rayvolt model, The Cruzer, was influenced by the...

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